Yushen hardware tools announced small and medium laser marking machine

Recently, the 2019 new product conference, held by Yuchen hardware tools, with the theme of "endless artistic creativity and endless design scheme", was opened in Songshan Lake Industrial Zone, Dongguan, Guangdong Province. More than 120 hardware tool agents from Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Zhaoqing participated in the exchange together with the well-known brand leaders, Mr. Jiang Shuo, founder of Yuchen hardware tools, attended the exchange and made a speech for the new product conference.

In his speech, Jiang said: "all along, Yuchen hardware tools have taken" to create a high cost-effective consumer numerical control carving machine, to create a famous brand at the top of small carving machine head "as its own development plan, and invested a lot of energy in product research and development, and the strong and strong characteristics and solid product quality have won the praise of customers for Yuchen hardware tools, The new generation of small and medium laser marking machines announced this time also gathered new achievements in product development of elite team. "

According to Xiaopan, the head of Yuchen hardware tool product development, the precision and maneuverability of the small and medium-sized laser marking machine of Yuchen hardware tools have improved a certain degree compared with the previous generation laser marking machine. The carving software is also the flash point of the CNC carving machine, and also the key support point standard of the slogan proposed in the theme style.

According to him, the carving software matched by the latest small and medium-sized laser marking machine has the precise positioning function, can detect the trace of laser cutting head immediately, and can focus again after moving the manual carving parts quickly, so as to ensure the clear and detailed actual effect of manual carving. At the same time, the actual effect of manual carving can be set in mobile phone software, including rotation, rotation, reverse direction manual carving and other practical effects. The manual carving opportunity can perform manual carving on the articles according to the actual effect of the setting, so that the user can save the waiting time and further in the applicable range.

Apart from the innovation of mobile phone software, the hardware configuration of the small and medium-sized laser marking machine of Yuchen hardware tools has been updated and replaced by R & D department. In the comparison of various parameters, the design scheme of double 8cm technology innovation slide replaced the acquisition of computer optical drive slide; The design scheme of safety protection glasses and smoke and cooling fan can expand the application situation; The external control button further improves the maneuverability of the equipment; The high-power laser generator can be used for 2 hours of continuous operation of the equipment, and its main performance is more eye-catching in the basic characteristics.

Then, Jiang Zong personally tried the expected effect of the small and medium-sized laser marking machine of Yuchen hardware tools. He carved a "plum" word on a piece of wood, and carved a bunch of red plum blossom by hand. All the manual carving process only took more than three minutes. The carved wood was thick and even, and the position of red plum blossom was high, Even the branches of red plum blossom are clearly visible, and they have copied the original designer very well.
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The people familiar with the matter have revealed that the previous products of Yuchen hardware tools belong to the small carving machines with strong characteristics on the market. They have experienced cooperation with famous brands such as tamcarpenter, Chenxi, tongtuo, universal e-purchase and Wandu, and have accumulated professional skills. This latest product, Yuchen hardware tools will further promote its advantages in the commodity end, making it a big step further from the overall goal of "top famous brand".
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Nowadays, young people pursue perfection, difference and novelty. There are many good entrepreneurial projects in the sales market. Laser marking is novel and the products are different. It can be the fashion trend mark of fashion trend, and achieve the perfect pursuit of customers' requirements. Therefore, choosing laser marking machine and equipment to start business independently can attract young people, whether entrepreneurs or customers.

We can analyze from the present situation of laser manufacturing industry, laser industrial production has already produced a relatively perfect industrial chain in China. Lasers account for a very large proportion in the raw material production and processing industry, accounting for about 30%, followed by the pharmaceutical industry and communication information content.
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The laser is perfect in the production and processing of raw materials. Many enterprises have great coordination ability at the level of independent production and processing, which is the advantage of laser marking machines and equipment. It is unknown that some small factories are suffering from various surcharges, but they can not operate large order information to maintain such a situation. Nowadays, the concept of humanization is reflected in aspect ratio. Nowadays, there are 90-00 consumers in social development, while the privately customized handicraft processing service projects have a sales market. No matter it is gifts or personal, everyone likes to apply humanization, and the industry prospect is very good, so it is especially suitable for the good projects of their own entrepreneurship.