Zhizao: from science fiction film to reality, laser is also productivity -- laser carving equipment!


Laser engraving technology is the use of high power density laser beam to irradiate the material to be cut, so that the material can be heated quickly, causing the material to burn or vaporize instantly to form holes. With the movement of the beam on the material, the holes continuously form a narrow slit to complete the cutting of the material.

Material Science

Laser engraving has a wide range of materials, such as plexiglass, plastic, double color panels, glass, bamboo, foam, cloth, leather, rubber sheet, stone, artificial stone PVC board, double color board, wood products, metal plate, stone, crystal, Keli, paper, double color board, alumina, leather, resin, plastic spraying metal and so on. In the furniture industry, it is mainly used in wood carving or cutting.


The main categories of laser processing machines are: laser engraving machine, laser cutting machine, Laser marking machine.


The carving machine and cutting machine are mostly integrated, which mainly for the different cutting thickness effect produced by different power during processing. Laser marking machine uses laser beam to make the evaporation of surface material expose deep layer material, which leads to the chemical change of surface material and carves out traces, or burns some materials through light energy to display the etched graphics and words, and can also connect ERP system.

Laser is divided into flat laser equipment and galvanometer laser equipment.

Flat panel laser equipment

The difference between flat laser equipment and galvanometer laser equipment is the way of moving laser beam cutting. In flat laser equipment, laser beam, namely laser head, is directly moved to cut. The optical system is fixed in the equipment casing. The larger the equipment, the larger the processing area.

Galvanometer laser equipment

In the laser system of galvanometer, the laser beam is cut by moving the laser position through the reflection of the lens. The lens is driven by a motor. Since there are few physical components to be accelerated, laser beams can be irradiated on the workpiece with high speed, high accuracy and repeatability. Generally, the Laser marking machine adopts the galvanometer equipment, and the size of the marking area is determined by the reflection angle and focal length of the optical elements.

Laser carving processing form

The laser engraving machine can be divided into point array processing and vector processing.

Lattice diagram

The dot matrix is composed of pixel points, which are carved by laser line by line and point by point. It is consistent with the printing mode of ink jet printer. The difference is that the printing process is to spray ink on the material surface, and the laser carving process is a two-way process in which pixels peel from the material surface one by one, The laser carving process is carried out alternately from two directions.

Type and processing principle

The commonly used laser types are CO2 laser, fiber laser and crystal laser. The three prices are different, and the cutting range is different.

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CO2 laser

CO2 laser equipment belongs to gas laser. It is mainly suitable for processing non-metallic materials and most plastics. CO2 laser equipment has relatively high efficiency and excellent beam quality. One of the most widely used laser equipment. Suitable for wood, acrylic, glass, paper, textile, plastic, foil and film.

Fiber laser

Fiber laser belongs to solid-state laser. The intensity of the laser is more than 100 times that of CO2 laser equipment with the same average power. Fiber laser is the best for annealed marking metal, engraved metal and high contrast plastic marking. Fiber lasers are generally maintenance free and have an ultra long life of at least 25000 laser processing hours. It is applicable to the following materials: metal, coated metal, plastic.

Crystal laser

Crystal lasers are the most common laser types in solid-state laser categories: nd:yag (aluminum doped yttrium aluminum garnet) and nd:yvo (yttrium neodymium vanadate), named after the doped element neodymium and carrier crystal. The wavelength of crystal laser is 1.064 μ m, which is the same as that of fiber laser, and is suitable for marking metal and plastics. Unlike fiber lasers, these laser equipment types include relatively expensive pump diodes, which are consumables. Therefore, after about 8000 to 15000 hours of working hours, it is necessary to replace it. Compared with fiber laser, the life of crystal laser is shorter.

Characteristics of processed wood

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In the process of wood removal, combustion and instantaneous vaporization need different power density values. Instantaneous vaporization can be completed at a higher power density. While under the irradiation of focused laser beam, the evaporation removal speed of the cutting seam is very fast, and the cutting surface is not carbonized. But in practice, the wood is burnt locally when sintering.